With over 15 years of experience at a range of venue sizes and styles, we offer a bespoke consultancy service tailored to your venue and business goals and objectives.

Venue Logistics

  • Procedures 

  • In-house Training

  • 360° Support

Running a venue covers a broad area of expertise, this service recognises this. Here, we seek to optimise and implement systems to track leads and bookings whilst improving business efficiency and performance to increase profits ensuring that a first class service is offered all round. From in the office to on the day, our logistics package is catered to your business needs to streamline operations.

Revenue Analysis

  • Market Research 

  • Forecasting

  • Sales Analysis

When was the last time you had the chance to check your profits and margins? Change is important to keep your business growing and evolving as a leading venue. Let us analyse your packages and price points, look at your local competition to determine your USP and advise on sales techniques in order to increase conversions, exceed targets and grow your profitability and revenue.

Sales Support

  • Sales Techniques 

  • Open Days

  • Bespoke Emails

If you’re a new venue, we can assist with the implementation and launch of your event and sales team or if you’re an existing venue with lots of enquiries but sales targets are being missed, we can help! From assistance with sales appointments and open days to advice on improving booking conversions, sales techniques and up selling packages — we’ve got you covered. 

If you’ve read all our consultancy options but not found a complete package that you feel will work for your business — look no further. Want more? Want less? We are always open to discussing custom consultancy packages, venue management and event coordination. So whether you want help available on an ad hoc basis to cover holidays, maternity leave and sick days or simply looking for some friendly advice on what would work for you, we are confident we can provide a helping hand.

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